The History of the Roof Boxer Helmets

roof helmets


Creating reference points. Design and innovation at the service of security.

The Roof brand is distinguished by its creativity, originality and the continual development of new concepts to enhance the security and comfort of wearers. Research and creation of revolutionary technical ideas, use of original and innovative materials, conceiving helmets with original, new designs built to meet the most exacting technical demand, together with an exemplary standard of high-quality manufacture are the essential elements of the Roof philosophy: to be pioneers and to foresee, invent, develop and dream up helmets for tomorrow, dynamically participating in the evolution of a whole new area…

Creator and designer of this brand, Claude Morin, passionate about motor sports, has been putting his passion for innovation and technology into practice since 1970. He conceived a motorcycle chassis in composite materials, developed “Grand Tourisme” revolutionary aerodynamics, thanks to which Honda won the famous “Bol d’Or” in ’73-74.

 In 1993, after nearly 20 years of the most innovative creations for all major motorcycle manufacturers, he created his own brand, Roof.
…The beginning of a story that you have helped to create.




roof boxer classic 1995: Roof Boxer Classic



roof boxer v helmet 2006: Roof Boxer V



roof boxer V8 helmet 2008: Roof Boxer V8





roof boxer v8 graphic helmet 2009: Roof Boxer V8 (new color)





roof boxer v8 star helmet 2010: Roof Boxer V8 (new color)





roof boxer v8 suzuka helmet 2010: Roof Boxer V8 Suzuka





roof boxer v8 booldug devil manga 2012: Roof Boxer V8 (new colors)





roof boxer v8 r helmet 2012: Roof Boxer V8 R





roof boxer desmo helmet 2012: Roof Desmo