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Are Roof helmets DOT / Snell approved?

This is what webbikeworld said: We have a copy of an independent Snell testing laboratory report from 2003 for a ROOF Boxer that passed the Snell requirements for motorcycle helmets.
We are absolutely not saying that the ROOF Boxer V meets Snell standards; all I'm saying is that a single original Boxer was sent to an independent certified Snell testing lab in 2003 and it passed the tests required for Snell certification. 
I have no more information but I can tell you that the helmet passed the retaining system, chin guard and penetration tests, among others.


I have never bought on the internet, where do I start?

Start by registering on our site, add the roof boxer v8 that you prefer to the cart, select, and use the payment method that is best for you. We’ll take care of the rest.



I'm afraid to buy on the internet, why should I trust you?

Internet is one of the greatest and most magical inventions of the last decades and, unfortunately, some have also been cheated when buying online. For us,  human relationships are very important, this is why on the "about us page", we preferred  "showing our faces", instead of just a trivial description of the company.

On our site you’ll find: 

  • On this site you’ll find our address, telephone number, VAT code, and REA (Economic and Administrative Index) number so you can verify our existence.
  • We have a verified paypal account
  • We give you the possibility to make bank transfers directly into an account belonging to the company.
  • ...can we do something else to gain your trust?  ..Send us your feedback. 



I just paid for my order, when will I receive it?

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours (subject to availability) and will be delivered to the address you requested within approximately 5/7 working days. Sometimes, it may occur that the size or the color of your choice is not available. In these exceptional cases, the shipment will be sent within 12 working days. 



I just received my order. The package is damaged, and items inside were stolen or damaged.

When you receive your order, always accept the package with the right to reserve. If the package has not been accepted with the "right to reserve", unfortunately, you can not avail yourself with the shipping company for any theft or damage suffered. Please note that we ship only by courier, and thanks to our careful packaging and the reliability of the shipping companies we use, the possibility of these unfortunate events is significantly less than 1% of our shipments.



I just received my order, but I chose the wrong size or model of the product. Can I do something about this?

Certainly. Contact us to arrange a change in size / color. Of course, in the meantime, do not use the helmet. Sorridente



Can I purchase a roof boxer other than those found on your site?

Of course. Contact us, and we will do everything we can to help.



Why should I provide a telephone number?

Since it could be useful for the courier, if there is a problem in delivering your shipment, or the courier might need for further information on the address you provided.