2012: Roof Boxer V8 R

roof boxer v8 r

Why not racing ?

New air intakes associated with modern colors make this Boxer R more aggressive and sportier than his brothers. The Boxer R is no exception to the ROOF rules, it also has the double certification E22-05 Jet and Full-Face which ensure the optimal safety whatever the position of the chinbar. With its high perceived quality, his 180° pivoting chinbar and his unique design, the Boxer R is a real object of desire. The R model , Metal Black, Metal Red or Metal White will appeal to a wide audience, from scooter to superbike.

  • Fiberglass Shell
  • Injected Silver Flash visor certified E22-05
  • Removable & Washable inner lining
  • R top air intakes and hubs with shell color
  • Double certification Jet & Full-Face E22-05 J&P