2012: Roof Boxer V8 (new colors)

roof boxer v8 booldug devil manga


Roof Boxer V8 Bulldug: make your neighbors be green with envy with the Boxer V8 Booldug and his special green !

Roof Boxer V8 Devil: the devil inside you

Roof Boxer V8 Manga: In 2012, put a piece of sensuality in your ride with de Boxer V8 Manga! 


  • These helmets have all the assets in order to answer to riders whose priority is adaptability.
  • Multiple air intakes in order to ride the whole year (Front and top Venturi air intakes)
  • Removable inner lining in order to adjust it to your morphology
  • A 180° rotating movment of the chinbar to keep an aerodynamism
  • Free movment of the visor whatever the chinbar position is
  • Double certification Jet & Full face E22-05 J&P for a maximum of security
  • Fiberglass Shell